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You can register for week or month of 
class on :

Dear students , we want say big thank you to all students for stay with us together in this difficult time.
It is already 1.5 year of LIVE classes. We try offer for you always great practice and meetings with our amazing guest International teachers also:
Mark Robberds, John Bultman, Santina, Eddie Stern, Vairagya Ranko, John Scoot, Gabriele Severini.
You was amazing, Teachers was amazing , community is amazing.
Let`s continue our yoga live practice.

Also we want offer you weekly or monthly programe of practice. What that means? Donation payment for classes will be weekly or monthly. We don`t know when exactly all covid situation will back to normal thats why this form of exchanging energy will be more easy for everyone. 

Schedule of class Monday - Saturday

All classes by Rome time zone
Monday till Friday
Mysore class 
start opening mantra at 6.30am

Saturday at 7.00am
Primary led class ,  pranayam & mantra chanting

Sunday & Moondays
No class !!!

How to do registration ?

Just send to us email max. 1 day before start new week programe on:

Then we will send you all details for sending donation payment.
Donation fee programe:
weekly - 30 euro

monthly - 100 euro
You can do practice together with family in one donate fee.
Let`s invite others on mat. 
After registration all students receive from us invitation to our Whatsapp group of MaxYogaLive.
This group is best place to get fast answer on your questions
about classes and practice. 

How to connect with MaxYogaLive
All classes and events will be still on same ZOOM 
Meeting ID: 511 536 7732
Password: 925889
 We don`t want change password. 
But before you join class remember about registration!

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New students !

You can use this button PayPal link only

after you finish your registration to class and

you get finally confirmation email

from MaxYogaLive. 

Zrzut ekranu 2020-03-31 o 09.28.23.png

(remember using

“send to family/friends” option)

Ganapati evening Japa 
& conference
For now no class!!!
on IG/maxyogatravel

Zrzut ekranu 2020-03-30 o 20.26.41.png

If you have any question feel free to contact with us on: 

Mark Robberds in our virtual Shala

We are so happy to see so many students on the mat . Thank you for joining us for our online classes.
This experience is totally new fors us , for everyone but we are happy here and we will be continue our yoga teaching mission until all this difficult situation change. We are here for you.
The plan of our Shala is always same , sharing knowledge , giving motivation and sending love.
Thank you to AYC ashtanga yoga cagliari for support this project.
If you have any question you can always contact us on : 
We have more nice surprises for you . Some great teachers will visit our virtual Shala to led special class for our great ashtangi community. 

With love,


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