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Asana Is not only asana

Asana is not only asana, but still its just beginning of yoga journey. I never forget when I was first time on my yoga class. I saw these many people who show advance posture. This time I thought it was super special if you can do asana. I saw just asana and maybe little meditation aspect of practice.

My first teacher always talked about yoga philosophy. Yoga asana was like tools for doing something more. Asana change my life and I changed asana. When I met Sharathji in Mysore I feld like baby who come back home. Sharathji conferences and knowledge confirm my practice and time before in Poland. This journey to India was new level of yoga. This lesson never end: Yoga experience is our regular life.

Thats why we need do regular practice. Asana is puja , asana is dedication, devotion , determination and discipline. Every yogi know about 4 D. Why asana is important? We start learn about yoga from asana, slowly slowly Suryanamaskar and more.

Like baby who learn how to walk. We learn every day when we start our practice. Is Not possible to jump directly to Samadhi, thats why we need asana practice. Yoga have also some trap.

Some students try skip asana and they start do only meditation and pranayama. When body is young we think by ego “we don't need do funny asana, we can go strait to Raja Yoga”, and slowly slowly we observe our body and mind. Time never stop. This life gone one day and our body too, every material stuff. Student who stop asana practice know very fast why asana is important. In Mysore we call “ stop practice for two weeks after you will see why asana is important”.

But the knowledge of yoga is not only asana. We need balance in our life. Thats why asana is important but yoga is not only a beautiful posture. Asana is mudra, asana is more then only physical practice. Is connection with The Universe. So how we can keep strong and clear mind?

My advice is simple like my life. Do your practice, pray every day for meet Guru and follow him many years. After everything coming to your life.

My traveling to Mysore was like for many students very special. I met my Guru, my mind change and I stop thinking too much about everything.

Maybe thats why I back to Sharathji regularly every year to meet him and my Mysore friends. Its nice to see how people do transformation in their own life.

When I start teaching I always have dream in opening my yoga school but what happen? Krsna push me to different experience. After many years teaching in Poland in one city I got the opportunity to start teaching and traveling around the world and sharing the ashtanga method.

Im still start again and again. I learn every day how I can do my life better for me and my students. Asana is important? Without Guru for sure now It cant be.

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