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Yoga Sutra of Patanjali by Max

This was so nice experience talking about yoga sutras during Sanskrit class with Dr.Jayasree & Narasima

I try explain how I understand 3 of them.

Talking was about : Atha yoga nusasanam , Yoga citta vritti nirodhah, Sthira sukham asanam.

The first one is instruction how and why important is be in present time.

Second is about control mind but if we look more deep we can see what means control and why we need control our mind. Patanjali says is not only control is important how you can use your mind for create better life for them self and others.

Sthira is the great class about balance everything in every moment.

Like asana we try be strong, we want feel good stay connect with God.

Only regulary student can reach this level of practice.

Thats why Pattabhi Jois always says practice practice..

So good luck to everyone and have great experience of this yoga journay.

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