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Why we always back to KPJAYI

I think this short movie will be perfect answer for many students who think about start practice in KPJAYI but still looking for some motivation for start.

Its not easy do first step but after you can see how everything will change special for you.

I talk about my experience of practice in Mysore and also I see lot of friends who start with me in same time and continue dedication practice and transform own life a lot.

This process coming to our life automatically.

Just is one rule! You need keep your practice.

Thats why many students from many country do practice in Mysore in KPJAYI.

There is something special, some extra energy of place , of Guru. Many people feel this attraction.

For yoga teachers this Shala and Sharathji is like temple, like real home.

This place don`t need more advertise for sure. You can come if you like if you feel from your heart dedication to do practice for many years. Not for one week yoga course. Here is the place for start Parampara. If you will be lucky you can feel relation between you and Sharathji. Parampara is grow slowly like new garden in your life. So take care about this and everything will come to your life.

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