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Circle yoga - method practice ?

It was my first creation during retreat in 2005 when my teacher told me "Max today you teach" but it was silent day practice.

So i think what can i do without talking and circle yoga jump to my head. For sure its great practice and spiritual experience.

But its not method of Ashtanga Yoga.

This circle can be good for some workshop event for fun not for regular practice. So my dear students future teachers and orher teachers dont do change method and keep your practice simple and strong.

This circle maybe can be method after many years of practice and blessing of Guru 😀🙏🌸

This was my text few days ago. After post this text some friend told me about class Guruji S K Pattabhi Jois who did yoga in circle in US when was not so big group of students.

For sure I need more years of practice to know more if this type of practice can be regular method or not.

Yoga surprise all the time. Its good keep strong , clear and open mind to continue Sadhana , to be open for new experience and knowledge witch coming to our life if we do practice.

So I wish to all ashtangi never stop yoga because this is always great new experience.

What about circle yoga?

Time will show witch way will perfect to go and continue this yoga journay.

We need more many years of practice.

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