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Green light to 4th series Advance B

My 12th trip to Mysore India to Ashtanga Yoga Institute of Guruji Sharath Jois.

I remember like today when I was thinking how it will be my practice after many years of visiting Mysore and Guruji shala.

When I was first time in Mysore it was 2011 and still India was much more simple then now.

Like everything around us changed. No more lunch for 25 rupi or tea for 5.

Im sure all old students miss that time of India.

Now super modern power of India surprise everyone who expect only cows on the street.

My last yoga season I started visiting Mumbai. After having great time in amazing city I moved to Mysore.

In Mysore like always full focus on Sadhana and Tapas.

It was the moment of my practice when I totally not expected nothing.

Gratification comes in second month of my practice. Guruji gave me permission to practice Advance B , 4th series of Ashtanga Yoga. Generally there is not so many people who practicing 4th series with Guruji only few of them.

Now I can say im one of them. Yes after many years hard work and dedicated practice i do start of advance B .

Im the first and only one student from Poland who reach that level of practice.

We have so many students who practice primary series , many who do intermediate, a little who start Advance A but very little who practice 4th series. Im so happy im here without expectations, without any planing .

My only one method is regular practice and dedication.

Everyone can reach that point, need only doing yoga with full of love.

What will be now? Something change again, I don't know?

Let's see what will be my next destination of life.

For sure it was big for me and amazing experience.

But still is start not finish.

If you practicing ashtanga remember never give up, never stop just continue your way.

Everything will be showing you step by step .

Shanthih life, happy life, long life.

Founder of Max Yoga

Max Pascal

Author of pictures

Todor Taruna Yoga


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