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Atha ganapatipuja - Prague 2017

This was my second public puja during workshop in Prague.

Atha ganapatipuja - is the method of clensing and therapy.

Quality of this film is not good but voice is more important then view.

It was realy nice time in Prague this year in April.

Workshop was starting by puja and later energy of class was so nice.

Not every place and school are super open for take puja.

But ok, I just will try do little more if I feel I can.

Now is my super start of this puja life so I dont push students to stay with me.

If they want stay Im happy if not ok. In Prague was full class.

Thank you again Vigneshwar Bhat for show me the new way.

Yoga is not only asana - this words of Sharathji are for sure gold.

I dont know what is more easy doing asana practice or puja.

Seating 1 or 2 hours can be not easy for sure.

But pratice practice and all is coming.

I dont know what will happen in future but for now is full power of puja.

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