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Ashtanga yoga retreat - Antoniow 2016

This movie show our workshop retreat in Antoniow again. It was 6th time in this beautiful place. Next Parampara retreat in 2017.07.30 - 2017.08.06

Thank you so much to all students who follow this Parampara program

and big thanks to Felix and Oliwia for record this magic time in Antoniow.

On this retreat we do continue regular practice of ashtanga method from KPJAYI.

It is great time to lern more about Bhakti yoga , agnihotra rituals, meditation, sound meditation

and more.

This retreat was made by teachers :

- Max Czenszak : ashtanga yoga tradition of Parampara

- Madhai : Bhakti Yoga , - Wieslaw Walas : sound meditation,

- Ewa Grzegorowska, Gosia Kubinski : assistant teacher

and by assistants: Erikka Pinna, Magda Woloszyn, Oliwia Misztur, Katarzyna Peka.

Everything will coming to your life in perfect time just keep your practice.

We are welcome to our program all students and teachers who want lern more about tradition ashtanga yoga system.

Students who want start assist during next retreat mysore class need start first own practice and after I ask if student will ready to do assist.

So enjoy time in Antoniow all best to all of you and see you in 2017 again.



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